Priscilla Neff
Licensed Massage Therapist

*** Massage office is currently closed due to COVID-19.  Updates will be forthcoming, and referrals are happily made in the meantime.  Thank you for your patience.  Stay Safe! ***


  Through massage therapy, I work to help my clients heal and become educated about their bodies.  I practice compilation massage, so each massage uses a variety of techniques tailored to each client's individual needs and level of body self-awareness.  Maintaining a mindful, attentive awareness during the session is of utmost importance to create change and lasting results, and this level of listening is what I like to bring into each session.  

  Though I work through a variety of methods, I often perform deep Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, spinal muscle activation, myofascial (muscle and connective tissue) release, and hip muscle work.  I find that integrating work done in the session using flowing and nurturing touch, as well as tapotement and rocking movement, helps to create a greater whole-body feeling of relief, relaxation, and change.  

  I enjoy communicating with my clients about the work being done, as well as working with focused breathing, so that the session is not only healing, but educational and the client has the opportunity to take with them a greater level of body awareness and knowledge related to their individual body as well as ideas about what they can do outside of the session to continue to facilitate healthful change.

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